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Markets Fourteen Jaya One

December is all about last minute shopping sprees, year end sales, and more shopping! So we decided to pay a visit to one of the hippest bazaars in town, Markets Fourteen at Jaya One.


Originally called “Markets by Jaya One”, the quarterly bazaar held by Jaya One Shopping centre aims to gather fashionistas, foodies, craft lovers and everything in between under one shopping roof. This month, 60 vendors (fashion boutiques, handmade crafts, pastries and yummy delicacies, and food trucks too!) were carefully selected to be part of this year end pop-up bazaar. So, if you missed out on the bazaar last Saturday, read on to find out more!


Markets Fourteen at Jaya One


The bazaar was located at a section of Jaya One Shopping Centre called The School. Once you enter, you’ll immediately spot carefully arranged pop-up booths segregated according to the items they sell: Fashion, Handmade Crafts, and FOOD (yes, food!). There were live performances from The Academy of Rock, as well as games and contests to get the holiday mood going.


Tons of fashion pieces were up on sale, we even spotted dresses selling at RM10! Some of the online boutiques featured on DealHero were there too: Christy Ng, Pink n Proper, Phat Culture, Emcee Couture and many more!


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


Tadaaa! Emcee Couture is here too! If you’re planning to surprise yourself this Christmas or just want to get hold of Emcee Couture pieces at really affordable prices, you should check out their Secret Santa Box. This promotion is only valid while stocks last. So, you better get it while it’s still available ;)

Read all about it: Emcee Couture: The Secret Santa Box – A Sneak Peak


You’re gonna love the bazaar if you’re into everything handmade: handmade charms, Christmas deco, handmade soaps, cookies, mango spreads, and so much more! Not to forget, parading at the entrance of The School were 8 food trucks selling a variety of drinks, snacks, and lunch meals ranging from RM10 – RM20.


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


That’s the scoop for this year’s Markets Fourteen @ Jaya One. We can’t wait for more offline and online bazaars to come! So, here’s a box of Nachos we got from one of the food trucks to keep you company while we hunt down the latest promotions and coupon codes for you!


Markets Fourteen Jaya One


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Online Grocery Shopping in Malaysia

Why take the hassle to drive all the way to the supermarket, get trapped in traffic, compete for parking spaces, queue up at the cashier to pay and load your car with tons of grocery items when you can shop for your groceries from the comfort of your home?


Whether you’re a stay at home mom or just don’t have the time to grocery shop, this article’s for you. We’ve collected a short list of (legitimate) online grocery stores you can shop at, a few of which you might already heard of, or physically visited.


1. Tesco

Tesco provides online shopping as part of their integrated shopping experience to their customers. Once you’ve placed your orders, their trained shoppers will carefully pick the products for you, pack them separately, and store them in controlled temperatures so you receive your items fresh! Tesco also makes rewarding easier by letting you earn points when you shop online with your Clubcard.

Tesco’s online store:


Tesco Online Grocery Shopping DealHero


Delivery Areas: Tesco currently delivers to areas in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang. To find out whether Tesco delivers to your area, you can head over to their location checker.


Delivery Timing: Tesco delivers daily, 7 days a week, at 2 hour-intervals. However, you might have to place your order in advance if you want your groceries to reach at your preferred time as each delivery slot has a maximum capacity. Nevertheless, you can order up to three weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.


If you’re still unsure about their online shopping service, terms and conditions, etc. you can head over to Tesco’s Help and Support page for more detailed information.

And for you, serious shoppers, we know you love promotions. Check out: Free Tesco Coupon codes and Promotions.


2. Presto

Presto’s online store offers everything they have on their supermarket shelves. Unlike Tesco, they carry a relatively limited range of products and brand offerings but a wider variety of imported brands.

Presto’s online store:


Pesto Malaysia Grocery Delivery DealHero


Delivery Areas and Timing: Presto delivers to most areas in the Klang Valley. Head over to their site for a full list of delivery areas and timetable.


Delivery Fees: According to Presto’s website, a delivery fee of RM15 will be charged for orders of RM100 and below; RM10 for orders RM100 – RM300; and if you purchase more than RM300, your delivery fee will be waived. Alternately, you can head over their page to find out about their Delivery Terms and Conditions.


3. Soukai

Like Tesco and Presto, Soukai offers a wide range of groceries and household items as well as selected Japanese products to the local Malaysian market.

Soukai’s online store:


SOUKAI Grocery online delivery


Delivery Areas and Timing: Soukai delivers to East and West Malaysia. Specifically to areas in the Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru. The delivery times are as follows: 8:00am – 12:00 pm / 12:00pm – 3:00pm / 3:00pm – 6:00pm / 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Delivery Fees: Delivery charges vary depending on area and location. Visit for the full list of delivery fees.

Afraid to miss out on awesome deals? Browse through our list of free coupon codes and promotions at Soukai.


4. GrocerExpress

What makes GrocerExpress different from the rest is that they provide same-day grocery delivery (but sadly it’s only for the people residing in the Petaling Jaya area). They carry a wide range of products from food & beverages, household & kitchen essentials, breakfast & tea time treats to personal care and hygiene products.

GrocerExpress’ online store:


GrocerExpress Delivery Groceries


Delivery Areas, Timing and Fees: GrocerExpress delivers to certain areas in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Visit their website for the full details on delivery. They have a list of delivery timing you can choose that fits your schedule, and their delivery fees are affordably priced at: RM3 for orders before 5pm and RM5 when you order after 5pm.


5. Food World

Food World is the place to be if you’re looking for the freshest meat and seafood products. They also carry products like gelato and sorbet, chocolate pralines, as well as pastries.

Food World’s online store:


Food world online grocery dealhero


Delivery Areas: Food World delivers to Penang, Johor Bahru, and within the Klang Valley.

Delivery Timing and Fees: Within 3 working days. Visit, for more information on Food World’s delivery schedules and charges.


6. RedTick

At RedTick, you can shop from more than 4000 groceries items from fresh produces to household products, baby essentials (diapers, formula and baby food, baby bath and skincare) and stationeries.

RedTick’s online store:




Delivery Areas: RedTick delivers to selected areas in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Puchong and Seri Kembangan.

RedTick delivery deal hero

Delivery Timing and Fee: RedTick offers free delivery for orders above RM100. They deliver 6 times a day, from 10am to 10pm.

Visit RedTick for more information on delivery terms and conditions.



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Hope you enjoy this article. If you’ve come across any other online grocery stores in Malaysia that you’ve shopped at before, do let us know! We’d love to include them in our list.

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Emcee Couture Secret Santa Box

We can smell the holiday season from here! If you still can’t, it’s probably because you haven’t been doing your Christmas shopping! December is really the month of Christmas and Year End Sales, so what’s stopping you from heading over to that Christmas Sale to get that dress you’ve been wanting to buy since, forever? Too many choices may be too overwhelming, so here’s a really sweet solution to that itsy bitsy problem.


Yes. Get a Secret Santa Box from Emcee Couture! – For yourself or for your besties. The concept is simple, you pick the sizes (XS, S and M) and Emcee Couture will randomly pick the dresses for you. Don’t you just love surprises? :) For only RM50, you’ll get 3 pieces of women’s fashion items: dresses, tops, bottoms, or maybe a mixture of all three from Emcee Couture creations! The fun part is, you won’t be able to know what’s in your Secret Santa Box until you receive it.



We really think this is a perfect gift for yourself (if you haven’t been surprising yourself lately) and for your girlfriends who need some wardrobe updating. So, head on over to Emcee Couture and get your Secret Santa Box while you still can, stocks run out pretty fast.


Still curious about what may be in your Secret Santa Box? Here’s a sneak peak:

















You can also visit Emcee Couture’s Facebook page and Instagram to have a sneak preview of what may be inside your Secret Santa Box. Merry Christmas fashionistas!


The Online Fever 2014 at Zalora Malaysia is happening today, 12 December 2014. And yes, we know how overwhelming this can be. There are just too many offers, deals, promotions and coupon codes happening at the same time and at the same place. So, we’ve decided to make your online shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible by compiling some of the best deals, brands, as well as participating merchants of this super cyber sale event. Here you go!


The Online Fever 2014 Zalora DealHero

The Online Fever 2014 Zalora DealHero








































































































The Online Fever 2014 deals, promotions and coupon codes expire on the 12 December 2014. Hurry, before it’s too late. Happy 12.12, DealHeroes!

Read more: Zalora – The Online Fever 2014: A Month of Awesome Deals


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