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You’ve probably already heard about DOTA, aka Defence of The Ancients, an online multiplayer battle arena for the video game World of Warcraft. Increasing in popularity, the game was deemed to be the most played game in 2013.  As the game evolved in sophistication, improved graphics, and as the level of difficulty increased, players become more competitive; Professional gamers were born.



What is The LAN Finals all about?


The Lan Finals (Major All Stars: Dota 2 Tournament) is hosted by Fallout Gaming and is apparently the biggest DOTA 2 Tournament ever held in South East Asia. Lucky us Malaysians, this year round Kuala Lumpur was chosen as the host city for the event. All qualified teams for the tournament will be sponsored an all-expense paid trip to the venue and will have a shot at the USD100,000 prize.



Eight top teams from South East Asia, China, North America and Europe will be battling head-on in the Major All Stars: Dota 2 Tournament (The LAN Finals) on March 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And will be competing for the USD100,000 grand prize as well as the prestigious DOTA 2 Championship title.

Here’s how it works:



The International Qualifiers include direct invitations with top teams from North America and China and the top 2 teams from the European region.




Two professional South East Asian teams will get a direct invite to compete in the LAN Finals. The first team chosen, Team Rave from the Philippines, is a South Korean managed e-sport team and the second team being: Invasion e-Sports from Malaysia, one of the largest e-sports organisation in the country.




The South East Asian Qualifiers is an open tournament for all South East Asian e-sports teams that registered before 21 January 2015. The qualifying rounds will run from January to February 2015 with the Top 2 qualified teams playing for the LAN Finals.


The organiser, sees huge potential in the South East Asian e-sports community. Thus, encouraging local and international companies to invest in the region’s growing professional e-sports “athletes” and fans.


We know that e-sports in South East Asia is growing exponentially and we’d like to fuel that growth and bring the community on par with the rest of the world. - Fallout Gaming



The registration for the qualifying rounds is open to all but sadly it has already closed. Good news is, you can watch the pros as the battle it out at the Major All Stars: DOTA 2 Tournament. Do stay tuned to find out how you can get free passes for the event. For the meantime, check out GameOn Malaysia for the latest gaming consoles and pc hardwares and accessories in town ;)