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It’s Lazada Malaysia’s 3rd birthday and they’re throwing a party! Get your hands on irresistible deals at up to 94% off during this three-day birthday party celebration.

From 24-26 March 2015, tons of shopping events will be featured on the Lazada website. This includes Flash Sales from 9.00 am onwards to Hot Deals by category, Exclusive Partner Offers, Private App Sales and many more! And we’re here to make your 3-day shopping even more convenient! We’ve curated all of the deals and promotions for this 3-day event in one place, for you. Cos we love you, peeps.

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Beauty Steals: 5 Lip Products Under RM25

While it is fun to splurge on high-end lipsticks, you can always find great lip products online that cost under RM25. In this blog post, we will be featuring five lip products you can get from Hermo Malaysia that cost less than RM25.


1. Hanaka Lip Balm (10ml) by HANAKA (RM15.90 at Hermo MY)

Hanaka Lip Balm

Hanaka Lip Balm 10ml by HANAKA


If you’re looking for a substitute to the traditional red lipstick, Hanaka Lip Balm will do the trick. It’s less greasy than normal lip balms and it gives your lips the daily moisture it needs. Available in 5 flavours: tropical, rosebud, apple, peach and peppermint.


2. Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss by YADAH (RM8.90 at Hermo MY)

Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss [5 Colors to Choose] by YADAH

Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss by YADAH


Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss will work great for you if you need the benefits of both lip balms and lipsticks. It keeps your lips moisturised for the whole day and adds a slush of colour to relieve it from dullness. Available in 5 colours: 01 Strawberry Milk, 02 Tropical Orange, 03 Cherry Ade, 04 Bling Bling Essence, 05 Peace Smoothie.


3. Laneige Snow Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss (10g) by LANEIGE (RM23.00 at Hermo MY)

Laneige Snow Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss 10g by LANEIGE

Laneige Snow Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss 10g by LANEIGE


What’s great about the Laneige Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss is that it’s stick-free! If you’re not a big fan of super glossy lip glosses (eh, then what’s the point of wearing lip glosses, duh? Jk!) this product’s great for you. The shade looks very natural and the colour stays for approximately 4 hours. Not the best lip gloss in the market, but it’s great for your daily light makeup routine.


4. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint 3ml by YADAH (RM21.25 at Hermo MY)

Yadah Sweet Milky Tint 3ml by YADAH

Yadah Sweet Milky Tint 3ml by YADAH


Lip tints are meant to blend the tint colour with your skin. If you haven’t tried one yet, it basically feels like dabbing concentrated cherry juice on your lips. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint, like all the other lip tints, does that. The colour is lighter than that of a lipstick and it stays longer as well. Available in 2 shades: #01 Sweet Cherry and #02 Sweet Pinky.


5. Shills DOT.DOT Water Shine Lip Gloss by SHILLS (RM25.00 at Hermo MY)

Shills DOT.DOT Water Shine Lip Gloss by SHILLS

Shills DOT.DOT Water Shine Lip Gloss by SHILLS


Shills DOT.DOT Water Shine Lip Gloss is for the ladies who love glitter and glimmer and a little attention. Heh. This gloss has a sweet rosy fragrance and a very natural effect on the lips. But contrasted from the earlier lip glosses we presented, Shills is relatively heavier on the skin. Nevertheless, it still gives you the moisture your lips need for the day. Available in 4 shades: Nude Coco, Cherry Pudding, Sweet Heart and Strawberry.


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Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have made photo sharing so easy these days. Smart phones add to the ease of taking pictures by letting you snap tons of pictures, whenever you want and wherever you are. But then again, this leaves us with an obvious problem: you’re left with heaps of irrelevant pictures, some of which you’d rather not see.




In a pool of random pictures of brunches, cats and clouds, there are some that we hang on to: the photos of the people we cherish dearly, our family and friends, a faraway land we discovered, or breathtaking events that remind us how blown away we were then. These photos are the ones we wouldn’t want disappearing from our social media feeds; the ones we want our grandchildren to see and to cherish forever. Hence, photobooking and photoprinting still thrives in this era of digital sharing and storage.


Photobook memories


It is definitely more expensive to print photos than to leave them in your hard drive or on a cloud storage. However, many still find photo printing worth the price. A photobook is a newer way of illustrating printed photos. Depending on the size of the photobook album, prices may vary. Each page may contain as many pictures as you like, and is easily customisable. Creating an album of all your selfies may not serve the best use for a photobook, but the case will be different if it is your wedding album or your vacation photos to the Himalayas.


Digital photo storage and photo printing don’t really have to cancel each other out. Both can coexist well if you know the strengths of each.


Thinking of creating your very own (or first) photobook album? You might want to have a look at Photobook Malaysia; they have tons of ready made templates for you to choose from, as well as a variety of photo printing services (canvas, bookmarks, cards, etc.)

Photobook Malaysia

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