There’s an app for pretty much everything these days. Thanks to the thousands of functional mobile applications, our lives are made easier and tasks are definitely more convenient. Here are some apps that take ease to a whole new level of laziness.


1. Grocery Shopping Apps - HappyFresh & SmartShopper Malaysia

HappyFresh is a grocery shopping app that lets users order their groceries from supermarkets and have it delivered in less than an hour. Once an order is placed and delivery time is scheduled, personal shoppers permanently based at the supermarkets will carefully handpick the groceries and have it delivered to your doorstep.

SmartShopper Malaysia App enables you to track the latest prices and promotions from more than 80% of supermarkets and retailers in Malaysia so you can buy your groceries at the best prices available.

Available on: DesktopApple App StoreGoogle Play



2. Taxi Booking Apps - MyTeksiEasy Taxi & Uber

Instead of hailing a cab on the streets or waiting half an hour for a car service, users of taxi booking apps are now able to hail cabs from any location, while on the go, within minutes.

Available on: DesktopApple App StoreGoogle Play



3.  Garage Sale App - Carousell

Carousell is a social media platform where users can sell their personal items hassle free. The app makes it quick and easy for you to sell that extra iPod you got for Christmas or that bike that has been sitting around for the past year.  Easily de-clutter your space by listing the personal items you no longer have a use for!

Available on: Desktop, Apple App Store, Google Play



4. Credit Card App - CardHero

CardHero helps you save money with your credit card. The app provides users with every deal and promotion for every credit card from every major bank in Malaysia. Just select your credit card and the app tells you what deals on food & beverage, retail, hotels, etc. that you can enjoy with your card.

Available on: Desktop, Apple App Store, Google Play

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5. Food Delivery App - Food Panda

Feeling hungry but too lazy to head out for a meal? Food delivery apps makes it possible to order food without even having to make a phone call. Food Panda offers an extensive selection of over 180 cafes and restaurants in KL and Selangor for you to choose from. Payments can be made online or by COD.

Available on: Desktop, Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store



6. Cleaning Services App - MaidEasy

MaidEasy is a platform that connects cleaning service providers with those looking to have their houses cleaned; it’s like an Uber for on-demand maid services. Just tell the app the time and date you need a cleaner, and before you know it, your house is clean ;)

Available on: Desktop

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8. KTM Timetable App – KL Transit

KL Transit allows you to browse all the KTM’s train departure times and information conveniently in your phone. Select your train stations and get instant info on when the next train is arriving. Plan ahead by viewing all train departure times and/or set the app to remind you 15 minutes before the next immediate departure time so you don’t miss your train!

Available on: Google Play Store

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Here are some other apps we think you might find useful:

HungryGoWhere – Lets you hunt for food promos and restaurants in Malaysia.
Waze – GPS and real-time traffic reporting (accidents, rain, traffic jams, road constructions, etc.)
Pocket - Lets you save blog posts and articles to read when you’re offline.
VSCO Cam - Great for helping turn ho-hum snapshots into arty photographs.
Trello - This to-do app allows you to create boards for different projects and separate sharable lists within them.
Evernote - Lets you organize everything in one place: whole documents, pictures, videos, to-do lists, etc.
BrightNest - Reminds you to do all the important stuff in your house, and it gives you incredible DIY tips.
CamDictionary and Word Lens - Lets you immediately translate foreign languages just by hovering your phone over each word or sentence.
My Fitness Pal – Helps you keep track of what you have eaten and what exercises you have done.
SleepBot – The app allows you to track your sleep patterns and will wake you gently during the lightest sleep phase.
Spotify – Lets you listen to all of your favourite music as well as discover new and old artists.
Yummly – Allows you to search endless recipes and filter them to suit even the pickiest eaters.
Boomerang - It lets you set a notification to pop up if you haven’t gotten a reply on an email within a specified amount of time.