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Visiting the nail salon once a week isn’t gonna be cheap. So, we’ve decided to come up with a quick and easy 5-step DIY pedicure for you to try at home.


Step 1: Soak

Take a large bowl or basin and fill it with warm water and your favourite bath salt or essential oils. Relax and let your feet soak in the water for around 10 minutes.


Yoko Spa Salt Lavender Extract from Hermo at RM17.92



Step 2: Exfoliate

One of the most common mistakes people do when exfoliating is to grate the skin of your feet with that old foot file your grandmother has been using since she was 10. It’s not really going to be that effective in removing dirt in your feet. Excessive rubbing can also cause tears in your skin and can lead to infections. Instead, use exfoliants or scrubs. They contain microbeads that can help clean the pores of your skin thoroughly.


Angel Key WOW So Tender Leg Foot Refresh Scrub from Hermo at RM45.00



Angel Key Leg Foot Refresh Scrub 90g from Hermo at RM47.00


Step 3: Moisturise

Dry your feet with a towel and immediately lather an adequate amount of moisturiser. This prevents your feet from getting dry and cracky. When choosing a moisturiser, look for brands that contain ingredients such as jojoba or almond nourishing oils, and shea butter which helps moisturise the skin from within.


Hanaka Shea Butter Foot Moisturiser from Hermo at RM26.00



Step 4: Trim

Remember: cut your toenails straight across. Cutting the corners of the nails lead to ingrown nails, and this can really really hurt in the long run. File them according to the desired length and shape. If you still feel some dirt and oils in between your toenail and skin, apply some nail polish remover and brush the dirt out.


Step 5: Polish

Start off with a base coat: a good base coat can help your polish last for a week, and it also keeps your nails from chipping. Once the base coat is dry, paint on your favourite colours. Then finish it off with a layer of topcoat, so your colours won’t fade so fast (fyi: sun and beach water makes polish fade quicker, so it’s really important to have a layer of topcoat after)


Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel from Hermo at RM16.90



UNT Nail Lacquer The Kate Party 15ml from Hermo at RM25




That’s about it! Imagine the tons of money you can save from pedicuring your toenails on your own. More cash for shopping I would say! :)


Jovian Mandagie, renowned designer born in Indonesia and raised in Malaysia, is no stranger to the fashion world. His remarkable designs have gained him exceptional reputation among KL’s elites, local celebrities and royalties alike. His line of couture designs, Jovian Mandagie, are hot pieces of the upper echelons of the Malaysian society.


Jovian Femme by Jovian Mandagie on Zalora DESIGNER


Daphne Iking, Yasmin Hani, Anita Sarawak, Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, Sazzy Falak, Erra Fazira, Misha Omar, Linda Onn, Umie Aida, Amber Chia, Maya Karin, Fasha Sandha, Dynaz, Deborah Henry are only some of the many public figures carrying JM in their wardrobes. His contemporary designs were also loved by the Queen of Malaysia herself who gracefully wore his piece during the inaugural Islamic Fashion Festival in Dubai where Jovian presented his collection.




He’s also no stranger to the international fashion world, having won awards locally and internationally: Malaysia International Fashion Week’s Star Couturier Award 2011, Designer of the Year 2011, STYLO’s Best Designer Showcase 2012 and 2013. 




Jovian is partnering with Zalora for his Exclusive collection ArtDeco. The designer’s ready-to-wear collection is truly a class of its own. Inspired by elements from the late 20′s and modern architecture, this line beckons for the festivities. You can pre-order ArtDeco by Jovian Mandangie at Zalora Malaysia or visit his website for more info.




Check out Jovian Mandagie’s website, and Facebook page here.


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Here’s a guide on how to use your Rakuten coupons.

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