Who we are?

We bring the best coupon codes and online promotions to you.  Just register as a member and you will get access to all our exclusive discounts with a variety of partners.


Terms and Conditions? 

Users must be DealHero.my members in order to obtain discount codes.


Delivery and Payment methods?

Transactions do not occur on DealHero.my, they occur on the merchants’ end and each merchant has their own Delivery and Payment methods.  You will be able to obtain that information from the merchants’ websites.


What are coupon codes?

These are codes which must be keyed in at checkout in order to receive a set amount or a percentage off your purchase.  Our coupon codes will have terms and conditions which must be adhered to; you can find these on the coupon code page.


What is a promotion?

These are special discounts, offers or sales that we look out for or which partners have informed us of.  Just browse around and if anything takes your fancy, just click on the link displayed which will take you straight to the merchant’s website.


My coupon code doesn’t work?

Check the terms and conditions or other restrictions that may apply to the coupon code or promotion.  Be sure to key in the code correctly during checkout.


It still doesn’t work?!

Unfortunately we won’t be of much help here.  We simply highlight promotions offered by merchants and all transactions take place on their end.  Do get in contact with the merchant if your coupon code still does not work.


Some of your highlighted promotions are no longer available?

We try our best to stay up to date, but we may miss out a few updates from time to time.  Do drop us a line and we’ll rectify the problem as soon as we can.


There’s this great coupon code / promotion which isn’t on DealHero…

We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share it with us.  After all, we’re trying to be the most comprehensive guide to the best deals available online, and if you can help us get there we’d be extremely grateful.



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