List on DealHero


  1. A store page, showing merchant info and list of current/past deals.
  2. Fresh deals posted on the main page and All Promotions page.
  3. Opportunity for deals to be included in our weekly newsletter.
  4. Opportunity for deals to be posted on our FB page.


1) Featured Merchant

  • Deal will be featured in the main slider for a week – max. 3 in rotation.

2) DealHero Newsletter

  • Guaranteed inclusion of your deal in our weekly newsletter.

3) DealHero Facebook

  • Guaranteed posting on our FB page.

* DealHero shall assist merchant in creating the banners in 1(a), 1(b) and 2(a).
* All deal submissions, whether free or paid, are subject to DealHero’s strict editorial policy and manual review.

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