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Woody Zare
Reviewed on Fri, 18/05/2018 - 03:05

Worst Customer Service I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life!

Honestly I would not even rate it bad, It's Terrible! Your Support team takes for ever to reply to even a simplest question! They Just end the Conversation if they don't know the solution. \nsometimes They Ask you to wait for a while and after 20Mins they only get back to you for a simple question like "Can We edit a Comment?" I mean Seriously the answer to that requires 20Mins? \nOr We have active Product Which Cant be found via Lazada's Search Engine and they won't bother to help in anyway! They would ask if we have filed a report! And Later they would say Oh you need to look for it with SKU, Seriously? Who will search our product with SKU in order to buy it? We post a product to sell not for us to look at it and search for it with SKU!\n I mean aren't you guys there to help with the issues? If we have to file a report for every error in your system we have to spend 12Hours a day just to stack them up! Please guys! you can do much better than this!\nAnd for your Info Its not just me having issues, Just simply check your seller reviews online and you'll see barely you've even got a 2Star Rating!
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Yee Tung
Reviewed on Tue, 01/05/2018 - 15:44


I requested a purchase return (order number: [private info removed], placed on 22 February 2018) and cancellation order (order number: [private info removed], placed on 02 March 2018), however until today still with no further response from lazada.\n\nOn 1 March 2018, I requested to do purchase return online for the printer as in order number: [private info removed] due to counterfeited advertisement misleading the fake information to the buyers (ref: Order [private info removed].pdf & Order [private info removed].png). The new printer should include an original toner from the CANON supplier, the additional indicated as per in Order [private info removed].png showings their seller might offer another 1 unit of toner as promotion unit. But in fact and after confirmed with lazada's seller, that is only 1 toner which coming together with the printer (the starter toner).\n\nOn 2 March 2018, I did placement on another unit of printer with the cheaper price than order number [private info removed] (purchase made for order number [private info removed]). After the messy and funky return procedures handled with LAZADA and POS LAJU, I changed my mind for the purchase made order number: [private info removed] through lazada's customer assistance at 03-86011888 at 4:00 pm (Case number 09053470).\n\nOn 12 March 2018 11:51 am, I made another call to lazada's customer assistance for the shipping of printer as per in order number:[private info removed] and on the same time follow up with the return status (Case number 09523219). Lazada's staff informed me to wait for their call on the cancellation made on 2 of March 2018, they required to check on the recording system. They also insisted I still able to do return within the policy days (ref: Return Policy.jgp). \n\nOn 14 March 2018 05:42 pm, I call lazada's customer assistance again to follow up with the cancellation issue (Case number: 09682007). They advised me to do the return as soon before the dateline as per stated in your return policy life. \n\nI received lazada's email to notify that my return is rejected on 23 March 2018. I checked with lazada's customer assistance on 24 March 2018 03:55 pm (HE didnt send me case number) for the reason of rejected return as the seal of the printer is not opened which as per stated in lazada's return policy ( - Milk formula products are returnable except for "change of mind" request. You are to ensure that product is not opened, as otherwise it will not be accepted for return.) \n\nHe informed me to be confirmed with the factory and will revert me back as soon. However until today I yet received any supervision from their representative staff. \n\nI also wrote in complaint to lazada's customer assistance, however since our last conversation on 1 of April 2018 until today I yet received any reply from them about the status of the return and refund. This issue will log in for a police report and bring forward to the consumer court.
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Sahliny Lsg
Reviewed on Tue, 24/04/2018 - 05:58


Why there is no responce at all after my order ? My delivery was on 20th April. Still i didnt get either any responce nor mail. When i chcked my order status , then only i get to know that my order was cancelled and there was writen that it has already been refunded . Are u guys plotting that u were having a good service ?? This is second time and I had spent a lot . Because of your poor service I'm having difficulty at here . Please be considerate and respond to me . Very disapointed !!!!!!!!
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Naash Kanan
Reviewed on Fri, 13/04/2018 - 03:05

The worst marketplace ever!!!!!!

We have been trading with Lazada Malaysia just over a year now and the service level have gone from bad to worse.
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Rama Chandran
Reviewed on Thu, 05/04/2018 - 15:20

Worst customer support, no proper response from customer care.

Worst customer support, no proper response from , my order no update & no transit detail last 15 days. I called Customer care not given proper response. My opinion very very worst
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Reviewed on Tue, 03/04/2018 - 09:55


Last time I ordered items from Lazada Malaysia, they were efficient and items delivered on time.\nRecently, I ordered another item and to my dismay, not only the item was not delivered, after a few correspondences via email, they were silent. Now I am not sure what is the status of my order. Sent a few emails to them via their asklazada email to ask for clarification but were not answered. \nSo any advice from hereon?
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Sivaramahlengam Suppiah
Reviewed on Mon, 02/04/2018 - 03:38

All goods ordered was delivered on time

I don't know about others but to my experiences all goods ordered were delivered on time.
Reviews powered by
C pc
Reviewed on Wed, 21/03/2018 - 07:38

A flashy web-store supported by a bunch of clowns

Their flashy web store offers a lot of promises but wait till you have checked out and made the payment! Your problem has just been unleashed and welcome to the real Lazada Malaysia! You soon receive a "confirmed order" email from them but followed by yet another email telling you that your paid and confirmed order has just been cancelled by Lazada because of "system error". Next you are informed that your refund will be on its way within "24 hours" but they don't tell you that they work only 8 hours a day! Three days later, they email you telling you that they are working round the clock to provide your refund but they don't seem to have your bank details! Once you have sent them the details, you instead get an email informing you that your refund voucher code has arrived (so you won't be getting your cash back now)! You have 365days to utilise it for another Lazada online purchase and the cycle soon repeats itself! The worst thing is when you have uses the refund voucher and topped it up with additional cash, you face another problem: this time around, you get a refund voucher for only the cash portion you have topped up! As to the original refund voucher value, they have forfeited it! So shop at your peril!
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PL Cheang
Reviewed on Wed, 21/03/2018 - 01:06

GTE is lazada worst supplier

I bought a faulty product with warranty period of 1 month as stated in the product details. I contacted the supplier for exchange but has been ignored. Then I returned the faulty product within a week to lazada for refund. Lazada confirmed back the item was indeed faulty but not willing to pay for the refund. They just simply said my return was rejected and sent back the faulty product to me again. Don't ever trust lazada do provide any warranty as stated in the product details especially GTE supplier.
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Sze Tan
Reviewed on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 02:41

Late Delivery Service and Irresponsible Vendor

I hv ordered Wireless Speaker Microphone from Lazada and it's arrived 5 days later than expected date emailed by Lazada! After opened the package it was faulty Microphone and called the given vendor - GO FUTURE GADGET IN WANGSA MAJU hp no immediately to question but person in charge was So RUDE TO SAY NOT TO DO MY BUSINESS AND REFUSED TO EXCHANGE THE FAULTY MICROPHONE! \n\nI emailed to report to Lazada but replied by their customer officer said to give RM10 voucher expired by that day itself!!! Also,Lazada Refused to take action upon this irresponsible vendor!!!!

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