Twenty3 is an online fashion destination for girls who embrace femininity in all shapes and sizes. Registered when she was just 23, the name was to serve as a reminder to Sherlyn Tan to never give up on her dream of building a fashion brand to empower dreamers everywhere. In just two years, the store has rapidly grown to become one of the largest in the local industry.


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Tina Eu
Reviewed on Tue, 29/12/2015 - 09:33

BAD - No order ID, bought from physical store

My sister and I went to their physical store in Publika the other day, just so happened that we were in Publika and noticed their store, we popped in. Well, everything went well initially, tried clothes, happy with how it looks, agreed to buy 3 items (2 Loana skirts, 1 cape sleeve short romper). We paid. Went home, opened the package and boom, found out the staff had given us one wrong item (they gave us a long sleeveless long romper), and charged us wrongly as well. The original item we wanted was a little cheaper than the one that we paid for. So we called them (darn it, somemore had to google their number because it wasn't provided in their online receipt =_=), they said we had the wrong number (twenty3 Chapter One), and gave us another number (the Pubika store) to call. When they picked up, my sister told them the issue, said that we were just there, and wanted an exchange, said that we can go to Publika again for that. No idea what went on in the conversation, basically my sister was fuming mad when she hung up. I think the staff said that they have lots of customers daily and couldn't remember us or our purchase. Anyway, we got to Publika, my sister went in alone with all the bags we got from just now for the exchange. She was fuming mad again when she came out. I asked her what happened. She said "This store is terrible. I went in for the exchange, the staff looked at me like I was the one to blame. But whatever, she exchanged for me nonetheless. The problem is, when I asked for the refund of the balance, the staff shook her head and said no, the price for these two items are the same. I asked her are you sure, she said yes. I asked her again, she still said yes. I asked her a final time, she STILL said yes. I looked at her square in the eyes, I told her I checked online it's different." Only then, the staff casually swiped her iPad, and REALLY, ACTUALLY, CHECKED. She then replied really nonchalantly, "Oh, it's different." She proceeded to process the refund only after that. Wow, some exceptional customer service that is. I'm sure all your customers are very impressed with that sort of attitude? Even if the balance amount isn't more than RM50, have some honesty and own up and refund la. What's so difficult? And to know that Twenty3 staffs are so incompetent that they cannot even swipe their iPad to properly check the price, basically thinking customers must be so naive wont check beforehand. Well whatever, that is Sherlyn's own reputation on the line for hiring such dishonest people. Ok so, my sister's problem aside. My problem with my purchase, one of the Loana skirt, IS THAT THE STITCHING IS FREAKING TERRRIBLE![inappropriate content removed] Sorry for the F word but I can't help it. It IS[inappropriate content removed]TERRIBLE. That aside as well. I've made several purchases from Twenty3 website before, I ordered all XS. ALL XS because I cant fit an S. But the problem is, their XS sizes are never consistent. NEVER. It's either[inappropriate content removed]big or[inappropriate content removed]small. wtf for real never buying again!!
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Reviewed on Fri, 07/08/2015 - 15:55

Satisfy With My 1st Purchase

I was referred by friend to visit At first, i wasnt sure whether should i make a purchase on the website or not. As i only have 1 friend who refer me to the site and i myself never heard about But i was tempted with few products. After doing some research (i couldn't find much information tho) so i decided to try to made a purchase. The order ID is 44381. Well, i am not disappointed with it. Process is smooth, delivery is fast too. Would definitely come back to make a purchase in future.

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